EPE Recycling Machine

EPE Recycling MachineEPE Recycling Machine is mainly used for recycling high foaming polyethylene product , crush wasted material and make them into pellets . This machine adopts forced  feeding method to improve material feeding quantity and stability , utilize double-filter exchanger without stopping to raise the efficiency . Screws are designed specially for making pellets,so that extruding capacity can be increased and stable. 







Screw dia.(mm)



The main motor power(KW)



The deputy motor power(KW)



Production capacity

75 kg/h

125 kg/h

Cutting power (KW)



Overall dimension(m)



EPE Recycling Machine adopts double extruders extruding technology , crushing and pelletizing are integrated , efficiency is higher and operation is easier . The bubble of pellets are less, pellet is very good can be used repeatedly. This set of machine has high output ,also can save electric power and labor. 

EPE Recycling And Pelletizing Machine is used to crush the Polyethylene scrap and inferior-quality products into pieces, and make the pieces into pellets through extruders. The pellets , mixed with new material , is extruded to EPE foam sheet . 

This machine is apply to extrude 、 brace and pelleting in the EPE foaming waste plastic material, processing into the epe plastic particle , which can be used in the reproduction of epe foaming. Our machine is adopted the exhaust structure, excluding the gas born from the plasticizing process, making the particle be more dense, smooth on surface. The production operating is very simple, and the investment cost is very low, but it has high economic benefit.

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